Principal Partner

We are proud partners of APL Health, official sponsors of the Caterham Graduates Championship.

APL Health is an occupational health (OH) and wellbeing company. Primarily they work in sectors such as education, engineering, transport and other high pressure environments where stress related absences are a significant problem. They work with employers to reduce the amount of absences, or shorten absences by reducing the risk of mental and physical health conditions amongst employees.

This can involve a whole range of services, from traditional OH such as management referrals, counselling and therapy, through to the more ‘21st century’ solutions such as virtual GP access, online courses and management training.

As APL Health offers a service relevant to almost any organisation in the country, they hope that sponsoring Torque Motorsport and the Caterham Graduates Championship will offer a little exposure in a relaxed, leisurely environment, full of people doing what they love, be it racing, fixing cars or watching the carnage unfold at Brands Hatch’s Paddock Hill Bend.