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We’re very excited to announce that for 2019, Torque Motorsport will be racing in the prestigious Caterham Motorsport 420r championship. This is Caterham’s premier flagship series, and has seen talents such as Sir Chris Hoy, Danny Winstanley, Aaron Head and Jon Barnes in its ranks.

The series includes the impressive Caterham 420r race car (formerly known as the R300 superlight), consisting of 210bhp engines, a sequential six speed gear box, and some seriously close racing featured on Channel 4.

The championship will be contested by Torque Motorsport driver who says “I’m so excited to be able to compete in such a prestigious, and impressive championship. The team from Torque Motorsport are doing a fantastic job over the winter to get the car prepared for the new season – I hope to be able to repay them with some silverware in 2019.”

For tickets to come and watch the 420r championship, or for more information on how you can get on circuit with Torque Motorsport, get in touch today.